Flying Bike the Solution to Road Traffic?

The Queue Detection System collects and processes traffic data as programmed within the software provided with the sensor. This data can then be transmitted over a digital cellular network to both access and store the respective data remotely. The remote monitoring and data collection offers the user the ability to place the Queue Detection System in areas that would require wireless communication versus an AC powered system. With the use of both solar power and deep cycle batteries the Queue Detection system provides a self contained, completely autonomous solution to traffic monitoring needs.

Flying Bike the Solution to Road Traffic?

Governor Akinwunmi Ambode on Thursday identified water transportation as a key solution to traffic gridlock across Lagos metropolis just as he vowed to develop the sector in the overall interest of the State.

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“We come here to offer a solution to traffic jams in Jakarta through the Electronic Road Pricing system,” Ewa Polano said.

Back in Escario Street, way back in 2000, we already predicted the traffic volume on that street. That is why we found a solution in the form of a parallel road to Escario Street, from Guadalupe all the way to the University of the Philippines in Lahug. Unfortunately the Department of Public Works and Highways did not give this project a hoot! During the six-year term of President PNoy Aquino, the National Economic Development Authority also did not care to help find solutions to our traffic mess.

11 – Always in the middle! This gives you the most time to prevent over-braking but also gives the driver behind you the most time as well. And when stuck in traffic, this rule would get all cars to pull apart the snake faster. That’s the simple solution to traffic: getting humans to change their behavior, perhaps by sharing this video to show how and why traffic happens, why tailgaters are trouble, and how we can work together to make the roads better for all.BUILDING the Metro Rapid Transit (MRT) and Light Rail Transit (LRT) systems is not the solution to traffic congestion as Brunei’s population is too small to justify its construction costs, some members of the public said.In July, another meeting with city engineers is planned to follow up on possible solutions to traffic problems and discuss the city's new mobility plan.A broad spectrum of community stakeholders met June 30 to discuss solutions to traffic congestion problems in Arches National Park. The group included representatives from Moab City and Grand County, land management organizations, the Grand County Travel Council and local business owners.