Sexuality in the Media - Term Paper

Pediatricians should encourage schools to create media education programs that, for older children and adolescents, will include discussions of sexual content in the media. Schools should be encouraged to add a media education component to their sex education program content.

Teen Sexuality in the Media by Jordan Clary on Prezi

There is a stark contrast between the past and the present when it concerns the amount and content of sexuality in the mass media. What is considered “normal” in today’s society was considered quite unacceptable in the past.

Representation of sexuality within the media presentation

Pediatricians should help parents and adolescents identify inappropriate use of sexual images in the media, including portrayals of unsafe sex.

This episode looks at the subject of portrayals of gender roles and stereotypes of sexuality in the media, asking what kinds of stereotypes are prevalent in the media, if they really do influence audiences, and if so, how? How have media depictions of gender roles and sexuality stereotypes changed over the past two decades? Don't we see a wider representation of women in charge, gay men playing lead roles and people starting to come out in Hollywood these days? Are transgender people well represented in movies like Boys Don't Cry and Trans America? Some have argued that we have moved past a media saturated society to a fully mediated society whose members are so inured to media manipulation that we refuse to believe anything we see or hear that we don't want to believe. Is this true? And if so, do stereotypical depictions in the media still have the power to affect us in our daily lives? How so? What is the media's RESPONSIBILITY regarding its depiction of gender and sexuality? Participants include: Andi Sutton, Dr. Brecken Chinn Swartz, James Nadeau, and Lisa Henderson.