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Samira Afzali speaking at the University of Minnesota's Law School in a seminar titled "Civil Rights and Civil Justice: 50 Years Later", October 18, 2013. Afzali "is an immigration attorney in Minneapolis with a deep interest in civil rights law. Her areas of practice include family based immigration and employment based immigration." >>>

Undergraduate studentsSamira AfzaliChris EckerSamantha Russell

A project by Samira Afzali, a US-based attorney researching the effects of OFAC regulations on the Iranian-American community.

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Undergraduate studentsSamira AfzaliChris EckerSamantha Russell

Written By Samira Afzali, Esq.

Samira Afzali, an immigration lawyer in Minneapolis, is collecting complaints from Iranians affected by sanctions. The main problems they faced, she said, were electronic payments, but ordinary cash deposits at banks also caused problems. An Iranian-American who checks an online account from an Iranian IP address while visiting family in Iran would have their account blocked automatically, she said.

If you are an Iranian living in the United States or an Iranian-American, check out the recently published , a joint-effort among Attorney Samira Afzali, Iranian Alliances Across Borders, and the National Lawyers Guild.Grade 12: High Honors: Justine Borceux, Mira Carey-Hatch, Tajian de Mello-Folsom,

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