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I have chosen to write my research paper on Martin Luther King Jr.

's mission worth the trouble he went through to.

accomplish what he did?” I will tell about the fight for civil rights, and the injustices. .

then I will state the troubles Martin Luther King Jr. went through. Finally I will tell about.

the life and accomplishments of King. .

The fight for civil rights and racial equality is a very big accomplishment in.

American history. It seems like ever since African Americans immigrated to the United.

States they have been enslaved. This is mostly true, even in the 1790's ninety percent of.

the African Americans were enslaved, the small population of freed blacks had already.

established its own social institutions and had begun efforts to improve the conditions of.

the race.

Most of these movements were centered in cities, which offered more liberty to.

black residents than did rural areas. Even black slaves had some freedom of movement in.

the cities and they generally possessed greater skills and had better access to information.

than was common on plantations. .

By the end of the eighteenth century certain groups of blacks had formed their.

own churches. For example the African Methodist Episcopal Church which was formed.

by a group of blacks in Philadelphia under the leadership of Richard Allen. Another.

example of this is the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, which was formed in.

New York. Around 1816 other black Baptist churches had been formed in various other.

communities, mostly in the South.



Black communities continued to grow, and by the time of the Turner Rebellion.

there were many African American churches, fraternal orders, schools, self-help groups,.

and political organizations. Many blacks were still upset with the low literacy rate of.

their people. Efforts by blacks to improve their conditions ranged from adopting white.

values to attempts to escape American society. .

The African Americans were determined to abolish slavery, during the 1840's.

Research paper on martin luther king jr