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I’m not a rabid reality show fan. In fact, most of the reality show phenomenon makes me groan and remember why I like books. More thought. No need to BLEEP every third word. Characters I actually like.

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Sin City’s masterful Mind Freak joined the renowned as host of the reality show Phenomenon, for which Danny Zzzz was chosen as a finalist. The program featured an international cast of performers competing in a weekly elimination-style showdown of mentalism. As Canada’s entry, Danny qualified after eliminating performers from around the world in a three-day preliminary competition.

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The Reality Show Phenomenon

ROBINSON: I think there has always been a cultural preference to people who are skinny. People who are overweight or obese carry a label and are outcast. The television show explosion, I believe, is the result of the reality show phenomenon coupled with America’s obsession with being thin. It’s a perfect marriage. Offer people who are severely obese so other Americans can offer justification as to why that isn’t their situation.