The Planning Function of Management

Planning can be defined as a process of making a sketch of various courses to achieve goals and objectives. Success and growth of an organization is mainly based on the planning function of the management and their leadership style. Management operates activities in a right manner and through effective planning and effective leadership operates right things by motivating the employees. In order to achieve the goals and targets of the company, it is essential for the management to plan the activities in an effective manner and follow the task with the help of effective leadership (Robbins, 2005).

Planning Functions of Management

In this essay Susan Maddox will be used as a prime example the planning process. As an employee at Susan Maddox, I had the opportunity to work with different levels of managers. I ran into a wide variety of issues within the organization. A majority of issues were related to the planning function of different management and integration of these planning. The planning of Susan Maddox was committed to building the reputation of the firm and there was an equal distribution of profits between the firm's partners. In the long run, the disputes regarding profit sharing between its consultants and partners, led the division of firm into Susan Maddox and Maddox Consulting.

The Planning Function of Management

Planning Function of Management

Master's was the biggest client Susan Maddox for consulting, auditing, and accounting but due to some problems in auditing, Susan Maddox involved into a legal issue due to the case of Master's Corporation in 2001. It shared all the documents related with Master's auditing and the lawyers of Master's sued the firm for violating its legal responsibility. This resulted into the loss of firm's reputation and the firm collapsed. The initial retention policy of auditing papers of the firm was violated in the case of Master's Corporation. This goes to show how the separation of company is caused by defective planning function of management. The planning for distributing equal shares of profit failed when the company gained more profit. Their planning to keep the records of the audited firm was failed in the case of Master's Corporation. For this, the lawyer of the Master's Corporation sued Susan Maddox and the company had to demise their business. Consequently, the planning of Susan Maddox failed.