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Alan Thicke had a great passion for hockey. It seems that when he wasn’t acting he was at the rink and it was at a local arena in Burbank California where Thicke collapsed after suffering a heart attack. It’s a scare many recreational hockey players here at home have experienced and hope never happens to them.

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The broadcasts are helping connect the Punjabi community with the broader community. When Singh was a growing up in Alberta, his passion for hockey provided an important connection with schoolmates. "Hockey Night in Canada Punjabi Edition" is helping to create that dynamic on a larger scale.

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Radulov really enjoyed the moment and has already become a fan favorite in Montreal and it has a lot to do with his passion for hockey. This passion for hockey is shared by Montreal Canadiens fans everywhere who passionately follow the Habs win or loss and that’s the special bond that is connecting the two.

Rogers Communications took over the Punjabi broadcast three years ago and now shows a doubleheader every Saturday on the multicultural Omni Television system, with announcers Singh, Janda, Bhupinder Hundal and Harpreet Pandher providing play-by-play and insightful commentary from a Vancouver studio. All four were born and raised in Canada and learned to speak English and Punjabi fluently. They were passionate hockey fans but never considered that the games would one day be broadcast in Punjabi.And help the team he did as the Cowboys went on to win the Holiday Inn Midtown Championship trophy, but the true winners that weekend was anyone who had a chance to speak with Dave and his teammates. That kind of passion for hockey combined with the camaraderie of his teammates and opponents was inspiring to everyone in Montreal that weekend. You can read a more thorough article on Dave’s journey and a great 16:9 video .