Myriam Marquez ’83 is the editor of Miami’s Photo: El Nuevo Herald.

Joining the conversation are El Nuevo Herald Executive Editor Myriam Marquez; Lizette Alvarez, Miami bureau chief for The New York Times; Manny Garcia, East Region executive editor for the USA TODAY Network; Daniel Rivero, reporter and producer for Fusion; and WLRN's Americas correspondent Tim Padgett.

Myriam Marquez participates in Alzheimer’s advocacy locally, statewide, and nationally.

“Myriam Marquez is one of Merrill College’s most distinguished alums,” said Dean Lucy Dalglish. “Since her graduation, she has distinguished herself as an award-winning reporter, an incisive editorial and commentary writer, and a newsroom leader. Our students have much to learn from her.”

"Shout on Every Corner" by Myriam Marquez an Alzheimer's Advocate

Myriam Marquez at her apartment with her cocker spaniel, Joe Cocker. KUOW PHOTO/JEANNIE YANDEL.

Seven years ago, Myriam Marquez was driving home when she came to a four-way stop. She wasn't far from her own driveway; she had stopped at this same intersection countless times. Yet she didn't know where she was.

The essay I read this week was , by Myriam Marquez. I really enjoyed reading this essay. The essay was pretty straight forward and was easy to read. The essay explained how Marquez is from a Spanish background that lives in America. Sometimes In public her family speaks Spanish instead of English to other Spanish speaking individuals. Marquez finds it acceptable that people in America do not just have to speak English. Myriam Marquez (left) and Bob Le Roy, president and CEO of the Alzheimer's Association of Western & Central Washington. Myriam has become a stalwart of the Alzheimer's Assocaiation after being diagnosed with younger-onset AD in 2010 Credit: He will join his wife, Myriam Marquez, who works in South Florida for . Marquez, a former columnist at the Orlando Sentinel, was named executive editor of the Herald's Spanish-language daily, el Nuevo Herald, in October.Here are three things learned from veteran journalists Maria Elena Salinas, co-anchor for Univision News; Myriam Marquez, executive director for El Nuevo Herald; Cynthia Hudson, senior vice president and general manager for CNN en Español and Shirley Velasquez, executive director at Latina magazine at Hispanicize 2015.