Doktor Mentor Petrela në Shkollën Mjekësore të Harvardit

Professor Mentor Petrela is very worthy of being in Jo Lee’s list. He is also a gentleman and a scholar. He and I had the same dream, setting up a Microsurgery centre. I have the great pleasure of collaborating with Prof. Petrela in setting up a Micro-surgical Training Centre at his Neurosurgical Dept. so that trainees from Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia could learn and practice Microsurgical Techniques in Albania. We have also done some clinical microsurgical cases with his team in his Dept. He is so open and appreciative and a pleasure to work with. The people of Albania are so lucky to have such a man.
Jack McCann, FRCSI, Irish Friends of Albania

President: Mentor Petrela: Secretary: Fatos Olldashi: Treasurer: Atrur Xhumari:

Born in Tirana, Mentor Petrela was inspired by his father, a professor of literature and philosophy, to study medicine. After graduating from the Faculty of Medicine at Tirana University, Dr. Petrela completed an internship in neurology and subsequently obtained a residency in neurosurgery with professors Houdart and Cophignon at Lariboisière Hospital in Paris. He became interested in microsurgery, with a particular interest in aneurysms and cranial base. The Concours National des Universités of France nominated him Professor of Neurosurgery and Consultant, and he was elected an honorary member of the Société Française de Neurologie.

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Prezantimi i doktor Mentor Petrelës në “World Academy of Neurological Surgery”

TIRANA (AFP) - Albania's pretender to the throne, crown prince Leka Zogu, the son of self-proclaimed king Zog I, died Wednesday in a Tirana hospital aged 72, a spokeswoman for the royal family told AFP.
He was admitted to hospital last week in a very serious condition with heart and lung trouble and fell into a coma shortly after, doctor Mentor Petrela said.
Albania declared a day of mourning on Saturday, the day of the funeral, which will have all the "royal attributes", Prime Minister Sali Berisha said at the government session on Wednesday.
Leka was only a few days old when his father, king Zog I was forced to leave after Italy invaded Albania in 1939.