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Longhorn Meat is close to multiple parking options. When you know the start of any good meal depends on the quality of ingredients, you'll be sure to place an order for fresh meat at Longhorn Meat's butcher in Auburn.

Longhorn Meat Co was founded in 1952. Longhorn Meat Co specializes in Meats, Fresh.

Longhorn Meat Co. offers the highest quality regionally sourced artisan and exotic meats. We humanely process game and farm meats, provide special order cuts, and offer a wonderful selection of our private label marinades, sauces, and spices in our local Auburn butcher shop.

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Longhorn meat on the average, contains 10 percent less saturated fat than that of other cattle

Longhorn Meat Co. has been the butcher shop of choice for Auburn and the surrounding areas for decades. A family owned and operated artisan shop, Longhorn has a carefully chosen selection of only the highest quality natural meats that are sourced locally, sustainably raised, and humanely processed by hand on location.

Is Certified Texas Longhorn meat tough? Meat tenderness comes from cell multiplication. Healthy cattle multiply meat cells from one, to two, to four, to eight, etc. That is how tenderness is created. Healthy, nutritious, comfortable management creates tender enjoyable eating experiences. CTLB-LHT Longhorn is tender. All-natural, high-quality grass-fed beef locally grown in the Sacramento Valley. Our beef is dry-aged for added tenderness, and to bring out a remarkable depth of flavor. Longhorn meats has a great selection of beef cut, packed, and ready to go. Tri-tips, whole filets, hamburger, roasts, stew meats, and a wide variety of steak cuts are available daily, and we provide specialty cuts on request.