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FOR THE new generation, the life of the `kingmaker' Kamaraj, will sound like a fairy tale. The sheer absence of the sterling qualities, he demonstrated in public life, is bound to make his life incredible. But how to convince the people that such a man did live in Tamil Nadu. The short cut seems to be the Internet. A comprehensive web site, containing almost all details about the former Chief Minister, has been launched by `Kudanthai' G. Ramakrishnan, a former Congress Seva Dal leader. The web site presents in detail the life history of Kamaraj, who, from humble beginnings in Virudhupatti village of the composite Ramnad district, rose to become one of the most deified leaders of post-Independent India, in 10 chapters. The presentation, in 200 pages, has been made authentic, with corroboration from friends, relatives and colleagues. The significant moments in his life, the qualities he was endowed with from a very early age and the watersheds that marked the freedom movement and his political career are recalled in short and crisp paragraphs. But one has to pardon the pitfalls experienced by the writers in the use of an alien language. By browsing through the life history, an individual can basically get rid of cynicism created in the minds of the public by a rotten body politic. That one can be good natured and virtuous and still be successful is the lesson of Kamaraj's life to the new generation. Also included in the site are 100 photographs and information on the Kamaraj memorial at Kanyakumari and Chennai. What makes the website unique is the audio track, running to 57 seconds, of a portion of speech delivered by Kamaraj. Even the voice signifies simplicity and humility. There are many organisations to keep the ideals of leaders such as Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru. But only feeble attempts like this are made to present to the new generation the life and philosophy of a man who always identified himself with the common man. The web site is a fitting tribute and a genuine attempt to spread the image of Kamaraj globally. However, it is not deemed complete. Since every contemporary citizen of Kamaraj will have one thing or the other to say about him, a page has been provided on the website for suggestions from people who know more about the leader of the masses, who commanded respect cutting across cultural, political and caste lines. The website, formally launched by the AICC secretary, G. K. Vasan, in the city on Thursday, is bound to take Kamaraj into the hearts of many more people the world over. By Annamalai S

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Kamaraj Manimandapam is near to Gandhi Memorial at Kanyakumari and it is in the main beach itself. The entire mandapam area is neat & clean. The important events & the life history of Kamaraj Nadar is well displayed there.

Kamaraj was enrolled at the local elementary ..

In 2004 a  film titled  was made based on the life history of Kamaraj. The English version of the film was released on DVD in 2007.

Here is an app about one of the great tamil leader, who once was a real king maker in India, respectable Kamarajar, former chief minister of Tamilnadu, under whom the education in our state flourished well.

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