Letter from Birmingham Jail Analysis 2

MLK Letter from Birmingham Jail Analysis. Mrs. Jamison AP Language Credits to Classical Rhetoric by Robert Connors. The Letter…. Unusually Long: 50 paragraphs totaling about 7000 words.

MLK Letter from Birmingham Jail Analysis

This thesis represented the key reason why Dr. King took a part in the direct-action non-violent demonstrations. The opinion shows the accuracy and validity of the Negroes desire to obtain equal rights. All the terrible things toward the Negroes whites have done were written about in the Letter from Birmingham Jail Analysis. Moreover, he showed how difficult was for children to learn about the discrimination blacks go through: having no possibility to treat your children as same as whites could. It was extremely hard for blacks explaining their kids that they can not go to the center of town or a new amusement park, because all these places are closed for colored children, and watching how the unconscious bitterness against white people appearing in children’s eyes (Pg. 720). This emotional appeal is quite effective as it provides the reader with emotions he was lacking for understanding the situation fully. Parents with children showed what nightmare the Negroes were going through every day.

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