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The Lazy Way to Success: How to Do Nothing and Accomplish Everything by Fred Gratzon

Lazy portfolios appeal to me. The more involved I become with my day-to-day investment decisions, the more mistakes I make. I could save myself a lot of grief by putting my money into a lazy portfolio and then forgetting about it.
Are you a lazy investor? If so, what does your portfolio look like? How do you decide which funds to buy? How often do you check how well your funds are performing? Any advice for those of us who are considering this strategy?
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It’s the lazy way to investment success.

The Lazy Way to Success

Hard work doesn't make any sense . . . especially when The Lazy Way to Success can show you the secret of avoiding hard work and, by doing so, accomplishing everything you want . . . effortlessly.

The core concept and ideas are great and Gratzon gives lots of examples of using more subtle intelligence to achieve success; however, he waits until the appendix, “The Easiest Way to Do Nothing,” to talk about the specific meditation technique, Transcendental Meditation, he uses to tap into the lazy way to success. Prior to that, his recommendation to do nothing is not backed up with concrete tips and techniques of how to let the pushing and problem solving efforts of the conscious mind go. Also, his blog seems to be full of teasers – he promises to teach us “the lazy way to success” but most articles are just fluff without useful info, and if you really want to learn that art, you have to buy the book.