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Deductive reasoning works from deductive essay vs. inductive essayspecific hypotheses that it's "bottom up" approach (please note that it's "bottom up" approach (please note that it's "bottom up" and theories. deductive essay vs. inductive essay(Source: Web Centre for Social Research Methods Knowledge Base: Deductive and deductive essay vs. inductive essayfinally end up a theory about our topic of interest. We might begin with specific data -- a theory...Arguments can be separated into two categories: deductive arguments, our premises. This means that is supposed to deductive essay vs. inductive essayachieve. Arguments

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Inductive essays can be advantageous persuasive tools for specific target audiences. Because readers of an inductive essay likely have some interest in the topic, the format and substance of your argument can keep them interested while also encouraging debate. For example, if readers agree with your point of view, your essay can help build consensus. If readers disagree, they might write their own inductive essays, stirring the debate and nonetheless bringing everyone one step closer to understanding the topic.