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In this paper I will discuss the relevance of J.J. Thomson’s argument in her article, A Defense of Abortion, to that of pregnancy reduction and if there is any relevance, if there are exceptions or situations where that might change. J.J. Thomson’s argument in A Defense of Abortion is that the one thing a person has rights to is his/her body and the right to control what happens with it. Thomson also states that there is an innate desire and need for self-preservation that we all have that must additionally be considered.

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In her Defense of Abortion, Thomson disregards the standard front of questioning at what time past conception a fetus becomes a human being, at what time abortion becomes justified in that a person is not taking away another person’s right to life. Instead, assuming that the collection of cells from the time of conception is a human being, she questions why abortion is assumed to be morally wrong once that conclusion is reached. Starting from one extreme, that abortion is not morally justifiable even in the case that carrying a child to term would be fatal to the mother; she presents logic to justify different shades of abortion scenarios leading to the other extreme: that abortion is permissible even as a form of birth control. Partway through she comes upon abortion the case of rape and other cases where the mother does not have control over conception, providing analogous thought experiments and an explanation for why the mother is not obligated to carry the fetus to term, even though the fetus depends on the mother until birth for survival. She does this by arguing for the woman’s right to her body and what happens to it and being a minimally decent Samaritan, as opposed to a Good Samaritan. Before moving onto abortion in the case of rape, Thomson starts with a defense of abortion in the case where carrying the fetus to term endangers the mother’s life and an abortion would save the life of the mother, arguing that both the fetus and the mother have right to life. Regarding the argument that aborting the child is directly killing an

The ten dumbest things said in defense of abortion

In Defense Of Abortion

Some pretty crazy statements are being made in their desperate attempt to keep abortion on demand legal at any time, for any reason. Some are flat-out ridiculous, some are insulting, and others chilling. These are ten of the dumbest things said in defense of abortion.