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I wanted to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who took the time to enter the Crock Pot competition, the response has been incredible.I’m so glad that alot of you actually tried my Steak Pie recipe, effortless and easy is my motto!I will be trying some of the recipes that were submitted!!! I am so honored to be a part of Imperfectwoman and very blessed to have you all a part of my life now…keep cooking and sharing, have a great weekend, love and light…Chef Pauline x

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Jolene Engle has an awesome way with words, like she's a good friend sharing her experience as an imperfect Christian woman while making sure we know the women of biblical times were not perfect either, so there's much for us to learn and apply in our own marriage.

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Imperfect Woman

She was an imperfect woman
Deliciously flawed
You could tell right away
She was no wax doll

She got herself into
Impossible situations
And then got out of them
With strange machinations

She smiled and laughed
Some said, way too much
But it was better than moping
And being stuck

She was awkward and reserved
With new people
But with friends she loved
Caring and wild!

She sometimes moved sideways
And stepped out of the race
The perspective she gained
Had its own special place

She often felt alone
Amidst a throng
Searching for the one
Who would share her song

She was a daughter
Of the sun and the sea
And in her quiet moments
Would often believe

Though she was imperfect
Her song was special
And this path of discovery
Would be her quest!