Hedonistic serial killers: women who kill for sexual gratification

Hedonistic serial killers are those whose motive is strictly pleasure. They see other people as obstacles in the way of satisfaction. Forensic psychologists generally organize this group into three subcategories -

Hedonistic Serial Killers: This is the most common type of serial killer

and comfort drive the hedonistic serial killer. The last type of serial killer is the "power/control serial killer". The power/control serial killer is motivated by the need for power and dominance (Holmes, 2000). Statement of the Problem Research has shown an increase in the amount of murders that have occurred in the second half of the twentieth century with a trend that is destined to continue. The field of psychology and law continues to search for a pattern of behavior that can help the mental health field in identifying characteristics of serial murderers through interviews and evaluation. Purpose of the Study The purpose of the study will be to provide a review and critical analysis of the research and literature related to the known patterns of behavior of serial murderers and to examine aspects of the criminal mind related to serial murderers and share the findings with professionals in the field of forensic psychology.

Hedonistic Serial Killers: This is the most common type of serial

The hedonistic serial killers are after thrill and derive pleasure from killing.

Famous Serial Killers Categorized
The motives of famous serial killers fall into four categories: visionary, mission-oriented, hedonistic and power/control. Keep in mind that any given killer can have multiple traits. Visionary serial killers undergo psychotic breaks from reality; they can believe they are another person or compelled to murder by entities such as the devil or God. Mission-oriented serial killers want to rid the world of a particular type of person. By getting rid of these "undesirable" people, they believe they are curing society's ills. These serial killers may focus on those attracted to their gender, prostitutes or people of a particular religion or ethnicity. Power/ control serial killers' primary goal is to exert power over their victim. They may have residual feelings of inadequacy and powerlessness from an abused childhood. These killers often sexually abuse their victims not to seek pleasure but to dominate their victims. Hedonistic serial killers kill because of the thrill, deriving pleasure from the act; people are considered expendable means to their goals. Subtypes of the hedonistic killer include lust killers with sex, torture, and mutilation as their primary motives, thrill killers who create terror or induce pain in their victims and comfort/profit killers with material gain as their motives.