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Frankenstein and Blade Runner both draw on similar themes and values however due to the context that both texts were created in, the ways in which these themes and values are presented differ.

Year 12 - Advanced English - Module A - Comparative Study - Frankenstein and BladeRunner

Various perspectives of which some are spiritual and others are scientific guide human identity. Frankenstein and Blade Runner are two literature pieces that clearly portray the differences that exist in these perspectives that help define human identity. While some people define identity based on such things as family, community, and affluence, others define it as merely the ability to have emotions such as anger and joy based on the conditions of one's environment and experiences.

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A Sample Essay for the Comparative Study for Frankenstein and BladeRunner

Even though composed two centuries apart, both Frankenstein and Blade Runner operate as cautionary texts, warning their audience of the dangers that come from overriding Promethean hubris which transgress natural and moral bounds, and in spite of technological advancement, mankind still has a tendency to repeat their earlier mistakes.