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In this article we will have give away complete essay on my best friend. It is said that it is only the best friend with whom you can do all the mischief and stupid things in the world. Well this fact is true to certain extent. If we call someone our friend then it would mean out to be the way to give a name to such relation with whom to get in touch all the time. But Best Friend has some special meaning in this world. Best Friend is the one and only. There could be no two or three best friends in your life. Best Friend is the one that makes you feel special all the time and is always stay behind you in the need of hour. When a person get tie into such relationship then he or she never has to think about that with which they should share their inner emotions and sad feelings. When a person has a bets friend then they don’t need to find any person to celebrate and even share sorrow moments. It is a relation of trust, affection, care and honesty.