Advantage and Disadvantage of Chemistry - Edurite

A possible disadvantage of chemistry in our daily life would be an abuse of that knowledge. For example, the manufacturing of illegal drugs or explosive weaponry.

Advantage and Disadvantage of Chemistry

One disadvantage of green chemistry is that switching from an old product or process to a new one takes time. A redesign of the new process or product is often difficult, and there is lack of unity on what is deemed safer.

10 advantages and 10 disadvantages of chemistry - Edurite

Pls. give me many many many advantages and disadvantages of chemistry. As many as you can, pls...! Thank you!

there are so many disadvantages of those chemistry products. one is that, it make people lazy, lazy to research just relying on the computer. and yeah, it makes people life easy, then why those people in ancient times can live? its because they have hardwork. that's all.