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The main purpose of persuasive/argumentative essay is to persuade the readers by making claims about a subject. This type of essay is effectively written with appropriate statistics, specialist views, and strong arguments on a claim or a debate. It is very important that while presenting the argument the writer takes a stand but discusses both sides on an issue. Besides, the argument presented should be accurate, clear and strongly focused.

This type of essay claims to offer a clear image about a particular individual, place, thing, or situation. It provides a brief detail about the subject which helps the readers to visualize the subject described. 'What, when, where, why and how' of the subject is explained in detail in this type of essay.

Narrative essay

Narrative essay includes a sequential story on a subject. A definite view point is used by the writers while present narrative essay. The writers aim to provide the readers with sensory details and the story in a systematic order. Also good and accurate mention of verbs in this essay appeals the readers.

Definition essay

Definition essay writing provides the readers with the meaning of a word or a theme which is ahead of the general definition mentioned in the dictionary. This type of essay consists of more accurate and focused details regarding a particular word than what is explained in the reference sources.

Evaluation essay aims to form verdict about a specific place, service, thought, etc. on the basis of clear principles. This essay includes necessary statistics, information and reliable resources in order to create and systematize the principles. This helps to present an extensive analysis and evaluation.

The clear understanding of all the different essay types helps the essay writers to answer the 'how to write an essay?'

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