Sustainable Development and Pollution Prevention (P2)

The Mexico's and China's of the world have much the same coastal problems we do. What they have in addition -coasts are not the issue here- are the unemployment and poverty of populations they cannot employ or carry with or without continuing natural resource depletions and environmental degradations. The sooner the United States stems immigration, in other words, the sooner those countries are driven to address that one basic and inevitable problem of population and sustainable resource use, and we can indeed and must in fact help them. And we can begin by educating our American immigrant underclass to these facts of 'Population, Development and Pollution; Sustainable Resource Use and Latino and Other Power'.Classical econiches display a certain dynamic stability as species populations vary within some range of genetically-regulated food-chain interactions. Man, on the other hand, is not only the organism highest on the food-chain, but one of intellectual capabilities that avail him a unique straddle and manipulative power over ALL food-chains. The American, consequently -citizen or not, the rest of the world emulating- is a peculiarly consumption-oriented organism that 'only worsens otherwise more classical evolution of world/econiche-whole well-being and viability'. -Which takes us to 'population, development and pollution'.

Chinese Economic Development and Pollution

The Latino should not be fighting for Latino voice in U.S. government, or even for a Latino cultural stamp on the American idiom -inevitably to be homogenized under miscegenation anyhow. What he should be fighting for is rather the education that would make him an American under The Constitution instead of an alien faction. Without that education he will not understand America's 'population, development and pollution' problems or those same ones of his own country to which now add poverty and human rights. He will only add to the problems of both countries. -The consumerist average-American's 'use' of Latino's, it is safe to say (through government and economy), relies upon that ignorance and has always more or less protracted the situation under the mantra, 'The economy has to grow'.

Population, Development and Pollution - Human condition

Development and Pollution,

The concerted and eventually political influence of 'cheap-labor' on government, unfortunately, is somewhat more pejorative than that of other Americans. Relatively new to this country, and frequently speaking from the bottom of the pile, 'cheap-labor' Latino's -and those that speak for them, are neither aware nor particularly concerned about the 'overpopulation, development and pollution' that few of even the rest of us may care about, problems not nearly so implicative, relatively speaking, in previous times of massive immigration. The Latino is, in fact, not generally educated to the 'idiom' of life under The Constitution. His activism for equal rights, consequently, is an even less-enlightened activism than those of us born or naturalized under it. And worse, his immigration only protracts the problems of overpopulation, ignorance and poverty of the emigrant nation that he has abandoned and is not obligated to address. We should not for a moment forget that the reason most immigrants come to this country, legally or illegally, is to escape dead-end poverty, but that as new-comers they see and feel nothing of overpopulation, shoreline degradation and pollution problems. They do not understand that there is no 'Latino viability', or any other for that matter, except through by remedy of those problems.