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Thomas Custom Builders Business Plan
Operating and Control Systems
Administrative policies, procedures, and controls
Receiving orders All initial inquiries from potential clients concerning building a TCB home will flow through the supporting real estate agency/realtor. The realtor will contact the builder for specific questions concerning custom features, design alterations, construction schedules, etc. Once the client decides to have a home built by Thomas Custom Builders, the realtor will record the individual wishes of the client and will schedule a builder/client meeting. This meeting will begin the process of identifying specific client requests, determining construction costs and purchase price, and completing the residential new construction sale contract. The realtor will primarily be responsible for collecting necessary paperwork and arranging builder/client meetings. Billing the customers Thomas Custom Builders requires a five percent deposit upon signing the residential new construction sale contract and another five percent payment at three months into the project. The client may choose to contribute the entire ten percent at the signing of the residential new construction sale contract. All overages for selected products (such as flooring, lighting, plumbing fixtures, etc.) must be paid prior to closing or at the supplier’s business at the time of purchase. The balance due on the home will be paid upon closing. This closing date will be estimated at six months plus two weeks from the date of the signing of the residential new construction sale contract. Paying the suppliers Bills will be paid as they become due. Some suppliers will provide TCB with payment terms of two to four weeks. Others will require payment upon receipt of materials or product. Collecting the accounts receivable Two important sources of cash are available to Thomas Custom Builders. The first is from the client. The client will be required to contribute a total of ten percent towards the purchase price of the home prior to its completion. This amount is not typically difficult to collect. The first five percent (paid by money order) is collected at the signing of the residential new construction sale contract. Clients are usually eager to get started and have this deposit readily available. The second five percent (also paid by money order) is collected after three months of construction. Clients have agreed to pay this amount when signing the sales contract and, therefore, are expecting this outlay of cash.