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Professional Cover Letter Writing Services to Get You Noticed and Help You Win the Job You Want

You don’t want to come across as looking like every other candidate……so write in your own style or contact Melbourne Resumes on (03) 9013 3890 for quote. Our cover letter writing services start from just $150 for a high quality professional cover letter.

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At Distinctive Documents, we provide our resume clients with a full range of cover letter writing services.

A cover letter is the first document your employer sees. It has to be catchy and provide effective and relevant information about your skills and experience that proves that you suit a position you want. It represents your personality and creates a first impression. When you use our professional cover letter writing service, we guarantee that our writers will help you stand out of the pack. We know how to make your cover letter shine and demonstrate your best parts. We include all important information to make everything perfect and increase your chances for success.