Could child beauty pageants be banned in the USA

This short collection of sixteen articles on beauty pageants collects some of the best writing on beauty pageants for students. Chapters 14 and 15 focus on child beauty pageants (chapter 16 will be of interest to those most interested in teen pageants).

Similar to , this is compiled from Wikipedia entries: pp. 87–96 focus on child beauty pageants.

In , the country’s largest child beauty pageant, all contestants receive an award for participating. There are sixty contestants from the age of zero to thirty years old; all divided into different age groups. As soon as the child can sit up on her/his own she or he can enter the pageant.

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In the UK, one of the most disturbing aspects of the child beauty pageant scene is that it remains almost entirely unlegislated. "There have been a number of pageants that have been set up, that get all the entrance money off the girls and then never run the competition," says Froud. "You literally can just say, 'I'm running a beauty pageant.'"

The concept of started way back in the 1920s to boost the tourism sector. The first child beauty pageants in the United States started in the 1960's. Today, the beauty pageants have conveniently seduced the very essence of beauty, confidence and poise to gain its position in the world of fashion. The beauty pageants for children are judged on how well they display the different clothes line, how well they dance and how talented they are. Are the children geared up to match the standards that most beauty pageants outline? Are child beauty pageants harmful? Let us have a look at child beauty pageants pros and cons.The competition is tough. The girl child contestant has to walk the ramp to showcase her looks, poise and confidence in different types of costumes; formal wear, sport wear and casual wear. Looks being the prime focus, the face is done up with cakes of foundation and the fake eyelashes are stiffed with mascara. The lips are colored devoid of any natural gloss. The training program and subsequent practice sessions to enter a pageant are grueling. At a very young age the child learns discipline, patience and confidence. The pride of standing and modeling in front of an audience instills self-confidence and a sense of accomplishment. An organizer of child beauty pageant states that pageants should be treated like extra curricular activities, and should not be interfered with academics. The winner of the pageants are usually given a scholarship to finish their collegiate degree. Most of the beauty pageants take part in community service, delivering a social message and help in bringing up funds for charity.