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Always remember that you are a writer and you should have creative power to create stylist essays which will be glamorous, attractive and stuffed with relevant data and information. Please provide at hand data and facts which will prove the authenticity of your claim. For instance, recently the reporters have flashed a vital report on child labor in their newspapers. Nike is the most recognized multinational company. Recently, Nike has been spotted by the reporters for the encouragement of the child labor. Nike has absorbed few minor boys for daily labor. They do work on daily wages. This type of report should be included in your essay so that your superiors will evaluate properly how much relevant your child labor essay is.

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Many laws including that passed by the European countries in 1996, grant that children can work in various industries, as long as they are cultural activities, art, and sports8. These exceptions are to the fact that these are fun jobs. However, there are children who feel some unconventional jobs, such as mining and working in machine-run production are rewarding enough to be considered exciting. The law becomes blind to the fact that, in these cases, the children would be better suited to perform the roles required in these jobs than the adults. Baland and Robinson also suggest that the laws, in this case, international laws, may not be enough (or may be inadequate) to cover all the areas of child labor9. In particular areas, child labor is essential both economically and morally, but when laws are from the perspective of the international countries, no other perspective is regarded.

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Now when you decide to write any thesis or custom essay in child labor, you should thoroughly highlight the different sections of the free labor and reasons of the involvement of the human society with this long lasting barbaric practice. Your child labor essay must be written clearly and more perfectly so that your senior researchers will be able to understand your feelings. The matter is that child labor is not born overnight and therefore there is no exact solution to this social folly.