Research Shows Changing Gender Roles

So there you have it, the discussion of equal rights and changes in gender roles is far from over, but from this small discussion we have seen that people have differences of opinions over this particular, yet large subject, but are all agreed that women should have equal rights throughout life, but especially within the workplace. But the questions still remain: will we ever have complete equal rights between men and women? And where will the exchange of gender roles stop? And will the change of gender roles become too blurred for society in the future?

Changing Gender Roles in Marriage | Psychology Today

noted changing gender roles as depicted through a series of images in Richard Scarry’s famous children books. The book images came from , where he compares Richard Scarry’s Best Word Book Ever, 1963 vs 1991 editions. As Taylor notes:

Changing Gender Roles in Marriage

Changing Gender Roles

I wanted to post links to the 2 articles I brought up in class discussion today about changing gender roles in contemporary American culture in case anyone is interested. which was published in its July/August 2010 issue. on the subject, “Men’s Lib,” which (in part) responds to The Atlantic article.