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days people of different field require the information about population studies, so, its importance is increasing day by day, particularly for Bangladesh. With an estimated population of 162 million (2010) Bangladesh is the most populas country of the world. The per capita earning is around 1440 dollars which is still among the west of the world. Even after considerable rise in adult literacy in recent years reaching 56 percent male and 49 percent of of female education. Bangladesh is poor country, its peoples are not well educated, its people have to starve, people suffer to lead happy life, political crisis is or the toppets level etc. These all happen, because Bangladesh is overpopulated country. So, it is very important us to know what are the causes of overpopulation, its consequences and what steps should take to remove this problems. Some of the things for which this kind of study is necessary is stated below.

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The population growth rate of human beings is quite worrying. Towns, streets, and schools have been overcrowded due to rapid population growth. For instance, by 1960 the earth harboured a population of 3 billion people. However, by 2010 the population had doubled. The reasons are crystal clear. Increased immigration and birth rates, and a decline in the rate of mortality, are evident causes of overpopulation. When the number of people surpasses the carrying capacity of a particular area, overpopulation occurs. We all know that resources are usually limited. ("Human Overpopulation Causes, Effects, and Solutions")

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Thanks to the new discoveries in nutritional science, we have been able to bring in increase in the fertility rates of human beings. Medicines of today can boost the reproductive rate in human beings. There are medicines and treatments, which can help in conception. Thus, science has led to an increase in birth rate. This is certainly a reason to be proud and happy but advances in medicine have also become a cause of overpopulation.