Ethan Murrow | Broadcast Editor

The Broadcast Bridge is at the heart of the broadcast media technology industry, delivering a new and exciting platform that delivers high quality, relevant technology content in a uniquely segmented and interlinked web-based platform.

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Hi Sylviane, I think you will like AWeber’s new broadcast email editor . It should make it easier for us to move elements around in the email. I need to play around with some more of the templates until I find one I’m really comfortable with.

Asten Regis | Broadcast TV Editor

This is a selection of sample work from TV shows I have recently worked on as a Broadcast Editor

I'm currently the broadcast editor at "60 Minutes." I'm the lead dog for an incredibly talented, competitive team of editors. In addition to the actual editing of some of the segments that air on Sunday night, I'm also involved in assigning the rest of the edit staff to upcoming segments. On "show days," when all the elements that make up "60 Minutes" are put together, I track the whereabouts of those elements and act as the liaison between the edit rooms and the control room. During "crashes" (as with Hurricane Katrina) I do triage … moving between the edit rooms making sure all the participants have what they need to get the job done under some very tight deadlines. I keep the control room posted as to our progress. I also mop brows and do what I can to keep things calm. I try to be the "go-to" guy.

We gathered all your ideas together and set out the craft the perfect broadcast editor. The journey was dangerous; we battled dragons made of HTML and knights armed with technical bugs, but we triumphed, and you, dear readers, get the spoils.The old broadcast editor will still be available in your account for the time being. You’ll see the new editor just beneath it on your Broadcast Editing page, looking like this:Your new broadcast editor will be available in all AWeber accounts on Tuesday, March 6. Until then, watch this video to see how it’s designed to meet your editing needs:Jimmy, Yes, you can use the old editor. Underneath your pending broadcasts, you’ll see the question, “Looking for the previous broadcast editor?” Click that link to work in it. Read as Evan Pease talks about his career as a Senior Broadcast Editor. Find him at and on his Twitter feed in the sidebar of this interview.The broadcast television editing showreel of Asten Regis. A professional editor with expertise in creating broadcast content using Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects.