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Cabergoline It also has been suggested online that it has a possible recreational use in reducing or eliminating the male refractory period, thereby a...

It has been suggested that as time passes the psychological bases of memory tend to change.

The majority of the Venus figurines appear to be depictions of females, many of which follow certain artistic conventions, on the lines of schematisation and stylisation. Most of them are roughly -shaped, with two tapering terminals at top (head) and bottom (legs) and the widest point in the middle (hips/belly). In some examples, certain parts of the human anatomy are exaggerated: , , , , . In contrast, other anatomical details are neglected or absent, especially arms and feet. The heads are often of relatively small size and devoid of detail. Some may represent pregnant women, while others show no such signs. It has been suggested that aspects of the typical depiction and perspective, such as the large and often pendulous breasts, emphasis on the upper rather than lower buttocks, and lack of feet and faces, support the theory that these are self-portraits by women without access to mirrors, looking at their own bodies. The absence of feet has led to suggestions that the figures might have been made to stand upright by inserting the legs into the ground like a peg.

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It has been suggested that oceanic overturn caused or contributed to the  and  extinctions.

Sci-fi and Scientology: It's been suggested that the 2013 film After Earth, in which Smith starred with his son Jaden, was a vehicle for promoting Scientology beliefs

While it has been suggested that Mr. Banhart is actually a walking boner-slayer, every girl I have ever met would disagree when it comes to ze wide-on. Belgium, Hetalia ~ It's been suggested that the tale "Little Red Riding Hood" was derived from an 11th-century poem from Belgium which was recorded by a priest. This tale, told by the local peasants, described a girl wearing a red baptism tunic who wanders off and encounters a wolf.Himalayan Salt Crystal T-light Holders It has been suggested that the Salt Crystals naturally emit negative ions which have been said to create a feeling of well being and positive energy in a room by counteracting the positive ions and creating balance It is said that negative ions give the air a clean invigorating freshness similar to the feeling of being by the sea or in the mountains. It has also been said that negative ions can aid headaches, allergies, asthma and other respiratory…"Gender differences in depressive symptoms appear to emerge in early adolescence and then remains throughout the adult life span" (Nolen-Hoeksema, Larson, & Grayson, 1999). Consistent findings indicate that adolescent girls develop depressive symptoms at an earlier age than do adolescent boys. Emerging gender differences can be caused by individual vulnerability, life stress, and pubertal transitional challenge. Although girls and boys go through puberty at the relatively same age, it has been suggested that girls are more vulnerable to depression than boys even before adolescence (Ge & Conger, 2003). This hypothesis will be further examined through the careful analysis of research and experimentation.