Becoming an Esthetician: Job Description & Salary Information

If you are considering becoming an esthetician I encourage you to spend a day shadowing an esthetician to see what she really does during her work day. In my opinion you really need to have a very strong passion for skincare and beauty in order to last in this profession. Lastly, look before you leap. As I already explained this isn’t an easy profession to break into and succeed in so be well aware of the challenges before you sign-up for esthetics school.

This is all good news for anybody thinking about becoming an esthetician

Becoming an esthetician usually involves a degree or certification program as well as licensing. Estheticians usually do not need to go to school for longer than two years. Once the esthetician’s education has been completed they will usually pursue work with a salon or spa for additional training. This training will usually be in the form of supervision by a more advanced esthetician.

Becoming an Esthetician - Cosmetology Career Now

Now that you know what estheticians do, how do you become an esthetician? There are three simple steps.

Learning how to keep the hands steady and touching with gentle pressure is a necessary skill to learn when becoming an esthetician. Most of an esthetician's work requires having their hands on the client's face. Using various equipment and practicing proper sterilization is taught in school to keep germs and diseases from being spread.

Before enrolling in an , you must first decide why you are making a decision to become an esthetician. Thinking about things like paying for school and finding time in your schedule to attend class can seem challenging. However, becoming an esthetician is a great career choice for many people. Here are some of the top reasons that people become estheticians:Estheticians also have the opportunity to choose their desired career within the field. Some estheticians choose to work as skin care experts within a salon or spa environment, while others become makeup artists for large brands in department stores. Some even become medical estheticians within a medical office. According to the Austin-Weston Center of Cosmetic Surgery website, estheticians who partner with a surgeon make a career move that offers great growth potential.