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The next step to become a radiologist assistant is completing an education program, which typically last about two years. The coursework will include courses on pharmacology, radiologic safety, and radiation physics. There will also be hands on experience working in a clinical environment. Radiologist assistant programs result in either a Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Sciences, a Master of Science in Radiologic Sciences, or a post baccalaureate certificate. It all depends on the level of prior education, and the nature of the current program being pursued.

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At this point, all that is left to do to become a radiologist assistant is to obtain individual state licensing. Each state has its own licensing requirements and procedures. If a radiologist assistant moves from one state to another, he will have to become licensed in that state, too. It should be noted that some states that do not require any licensing at all, but this may change as state legislations evolve.

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But since becoming a radiology assistant, a job that allows him to perform certain procedures himself, Crowley's views have evolved.

The organization responsible for granting certification for radiologist assistants is the American Registry of Radiologic Technologist (ARRT). Those who successfully pass the exam become a registered radiologist assistant. Such exams are conducted 3 times a year. From your initial application, you have 3 attempts to pass the exam within a 3 year period. In order to retain your certification, it is compulsory to acquire at least 50 credits of continuing education every 2 years.