Looking for a new career in beauty? Become an Esthetician!

Schooling is required to become a . Once the schooling is finished, a licensing examination must be completed. A student studying to become an esthetician will learn a wide range of skills. Learning how to listen more effectively and speaking with clarity helps gain confidence and communication between the esthetician and the client. When working with people, having great people skills is a must.

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Hello Renee! I recently earned my B.S. in Biology and am considering becoming an Esthetician. It has always been a dream of mine to open my own spa and formulate my own product to be used in other spas worldwide as well as my own. If I became a licensed Esthetician would my B.S in Biology potentially cause me to have a higher income? Would I be able to work and perform more medical related procedures rather than basic facials and procedures that are done in beauty spas?.

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If you consider becoming an esthetician, this is all you need to accomplish:

I just came across your website because I am looking to become an esthetician and I am so grateful to have found you! I think your honesty is so humble and inspiring. All the information I have just read makes so much sense to me. I have such a passion for skin care being I’ve suffered from acne for 10 years now. I’ve learned so much in 10 minutes. I wish I had known some of these things for my own skin care! I am so excited for this change in my career now, Thank You!!!