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Find The Advantages of Fractional Distillation Column : Fractional distillation is a special technique that used to extract the individual liquids from a blend of substances. This technique is used in both industrial processes and laboratory. This process includes the extraction of alkanes from the crude oil and the gases from the air. This special fractional distillation technique is also used to separate nonreactive elements.

What is the advantage of fractional distillation over simple distillation

There are two major advantages of fractional distillation. It is much easier to purify large volumes of liquids by one fractional distillation than by several simple distillations, and the losses of material are much smaller. Losses in material usually occur in the forerun, and the residue left in the distillation pot. The conditions that are necessary for a good separation are usually large amounts of liquid continually returning through the column, thorough mixing of liquid and vapor, and a large active surface of contact between the liquid and vapor.

List of Disadvantages of Fractional Distillation

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